Your donations, save lives

Your donations go to help the children have productive lives; go to school and be able to learn new skills

”I traveled to India to learn about HOH. I left India with an understanding and feeling that can't be understood until you've experienced it. This man has changed so many lives and I am so thankful for his mission. One word to describe what I feel, unbelievable! Thank you Jerry!!!”

Rochelle, United States

Thanks to our donors we have 42 kids now

”It has been a great time to visit the children and spend time with them. I was able to see first hand their needs, and I was able to see my donation at work for the children. Jerry provides for these children a safe environment to be children, to go to school and learn new skills.”

- Shane, United States

”During our visit to HOH, we were trully inspired by the dedication and love that you and your team pour into providing, care, support and hope for these children. Your commitment to making a positive difference in their lives is evident in every aspect of your organization.”

Ayan, India

Our children depend
on your donations

Serving children orphaned from AIDS and people affected by HIV/AIDS in India.

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